Cloud Details



Saving your time, money and space

Setting up your enterprise with the snap of your fingers.

Serving clients till the end of the line

Excellent Accessibility

Our Cloud services allow you to quickly and easily access stored information anywhere, anytime in the whole world with an internet concetion. It increases productivity and effeciency of an organisation by easing the ccesibility of the stored data.

Unlimited Storage Capacity

beenaIT Solutions cloud services provides you a huge amount of space for the storage of your importanat data such as documents, video, audio etc. at the best price. No need to carry extra hard disks for storing data.

Quality control

With all of your data stored in our cloud in a single format you can have a consistency in data, avoid humn error and have a clear record of any revisions or updates.


beenaIT Solutions cloud services supports envireonmental proactivity , powering virtual services rather than physical products reducing on paper waste and improving energy effeciency.


With the next generation web based interface our cloud studio allows you to quickly integrate a system. Our interface allows you to easliy design, create and manage projects to coordinate the elements of your business.Our user friendly interface provides you with powerful tools to accelaret your business and drive your digital transformation.

Integration Lifecycle

Easily manageble cycles from design to production.

Work Flow designing

Bringing together apps, data mapping and business processes.


Multiple user platform.